Our story

Welcome to the world of gigerlane!
So happy you found us.


gingerlane is a one-stop styling destination aimed at the fashion forward women.  At gingerlane we aim to bring luxurious and contemporary fashion items for wearable prices that enables every woman to achieve that effortless chic lifestyle.
We source pieces from near and far for our customers to feel amazing in, be it a night out, a day in the office, a gym session or casual wear.  Finding the best fashion pieces to fit all occasions are paramount to what we strive for. Our day-to-day world involves everything from the school run, picking of a new collection to a photo shoot in the studio along with the testing of new pieces. We’ve got a million ideas on how to keep building the brand of our dreams and we want to share it with you. Stay tuned. 


We commit ourselves to move fast in a constantly changing fashion landscape and to incorporate the most relevant trends into our own signature mix of classic and modern elements. A luxury lifestyle fashion boutique, drawing on fashion, style and freedom of expression.  gingerlane pieces are designed for the everyday woman, while remaining functional, attractive and original.
In a busy cosmopolitan world where work and social life are so important, we are passionate about creating a fashion-forward wardrobe for daily life. gingerlane offers a point of difference to you from season to season, with contemporary silhouettes, print infused pieces and as always, plenty of colour!
We obsess over our materials and firmly believe - when it comes to fashion, it always begins with the fabric! Every garment from the basics range to the seasonal collections is tailored for style, durability and comfort.
Our silhouettes flatter the body, our prints are sophisticated, our colour palettes on-trend yet timeless. Put very simply - we design for the woman on the move!